Sunday, April 1, 2012

Exciting Announcement!

First, congratulations to Tracy Little for winning BonVivant's very first giveaway! Jamie Oliver's cookbook Food Revolution as well as a Hello Sailor creamy chocolate bar with sea salt from the line jMe are on their way to you!

Second bit of exciting news.... I'm hosting a French cooking class in my home in about one month (no, this isn't the news.) In anticipation, I began testing recipes, beginning with a recipe for Coq au Vin Blanc developed by a graduate from Le Cordon Bleu. It followed classic French technique, browning the meat in bacon fat, deglazing the pan with white Burgundy, and so forth. Problem is, it tasted flat. The recipe had a few other problems as well, namely adding cream to a simmering acidic sauce, which as you can imagine, caused the milk solids to separate from the sauce. Oh yeah, and it produced a sink full of dishes in my classic European kitchen complete with a clothes-but-not-dish-washer.

I tried the recipe again yesterday, casually ignoring some French techniques and employing others. I can honestly say it was the best prepared chicken dish I have ever eaten! Ever. I'll share the recipe soon.

It got me thinking, what if French food were more accessible to the home cook? What if we spiced it up a little for modern palates? What if we used butter and cream to complement the flavors of a dish instead of mask them? What if we could explain a recipe in a couple paragraphs instead of a couple pages because we trusted the culinary skills of the reader? 

BonVivant Family has a new direction: French food for every day. 

I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback. What recipes do you want to see? What techniques do you want to learn? 

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  1. Yay! Thanks Pamela! :)

    Also, I love that idea :) Looking forward to seeing the new recipes you post! And also, I know you probably drink REAL white burgundy out there, but Imagery Winery in CA had a white burgundy that was my dad's FAVORITE, and he didn't do whites. I think if I saw a recipe asking for it I'd feel at a loss on where to even find it! Glad you're getting a good share of amazing ingredients out there.