Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't forget the giveaway!!!

Between today and the end of this month, enter as many times as you wish to win Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution and a chocolate bar from his line. Either "follow" this blog or Pamela's Modern Family Table, post a comment, or share a link to this or my other blog on your site for a chance to win.

Come on people, you know you love free cookbooks!


  1. Oh I already follow this blog but I want to win it! I love Jamie Oliver!

    1. Comments count for an entry too. So does following my new blog devoted to gluten-free, vegetarian cuisine. It's Cheers, and good luck!

    2. The comment feature isn't working, but "reply" is. =) I haven't used Jamie Oliver's recipes, so I'd love the book. PS-I have this and your other blog linked to mine. =)