Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Kitchen

A mere 10 days following my last post I boarded an airplane bound for 6,000 miles away. With two children and a plethora of their accouterments in tow, Rich and I flew to a little town called London, England where we had a job waiting for us working with single airmen at the Lakenheath Air Force Base.

We found a lovely home in Mildenhall, England complete with what I do believe is the largest kitchen in the country. My heart sang when I saw the vast counter space and a gas stove. It even has room for a breakfast table, something I shunned in other homes thinking it far too informal for fancy dinner parties. But something about being this far away from home and friends makes me a little wistful for a more casual intimate setting. Moreover, it is quite cold here and the kitchen heats up nicely when I cook. So on chilly winter evenings, I can't imagine a better place to eat. Even when we have dinner guests.  


  1. What a beautiful kitchen!!! Wish I could come over and drink a cup of coffee with you in your lovely new home!!

  2. Would love to have you. We do have a guest room, you know. England is lovely this time of year. I cannot speak to any other times of the year, as we have just rounded the corner of three months in country.