Monday, March 7, 2011

DAY 7: Eat Local Project

After my seven days of eating closer to home, I have a new appreciation for local farmers and food artisans. The learning curve was steep. But I learned quickly (hunger will do that to you). And with every new farmer I met, new ingredient I discovered and new recipe I created, I felt my skill as a home chef grow and my palate expand to appreciate exciting new flavors.
Today I used up the last of my lemon, pecan & basil pesto with some fresh mint and one of my final few lemons. I tossed it all with pasta and artichoke hearts. A simple ending to an enlightening week.
If you want to try something similar, here are a few tips and resources:
Getting Started
-Start slowly. Pick one local ingredient to incorporate into your existing menu.
-For more of a challenge, visit a farmers market to create one entire meal from local sources.
-Visit a restaurant that features locally produced foods.
-Celebrate the seasons with new recipes featuring whatever is the flavor of the moment.
-Plant a garden, even if it’s just one potted herb growing in your kitchen window.

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